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Card servicing

Being able to pay by debit or credit card has become an essential part of good service.

Advantages of card payment

  • More wealthy clients visiting Your business, who prefer card payments to cash.
  • Increased revenue as the clients will tend to buy more goods when paying by a bank card.
  • Decreased risk of handling cash.
  • Saves the expense of cash handling.


  • Term: amounts paid by bank cards will normally be credited to Your account at Danske Bank on the next banking day.
  • Service fee: fee for handling transactions is fixed and applies to all cards; You do not have to vary expenses according to various types of cards.

Technical means necessary for accepting bank cards

The choice of technical equipment depends on the characteristics and needs of Your sales point. Cards can be accepted by:

  • Payment terminals
  • Cash register systems

You can rent the payment terminal necessary for servicing bank cards from Danske Bank. The instalment, servicing and usage training of terminal are free of charge.

If You wish to use a cash register system connected to Your book-keeping or sales system to receive card payments, You can buy it from companies certified by the Nets Estonia AS.

Detailed information can be found on the web page (in Estonian) or by calling (+372) 671 1477. All installed equipment allow both chip and magnet cards.

In order to receive card payments:

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