Business customers Deposit Interest rates

Deposit interest rates


Annual interest rate of GROWTH DEPOSIT 0.01%
Additional interest 3 months 0.00%
Additional interest 6 months 0.00%

Annual interest rate of TIME DEPOSIT

1 week 0.01% 0.15%
2 weeks 0.01% 0.20%
3 weeks 0.01% 0.20%
1 month 0.01% 0.30%
2 months 0.01% 0.40%
3 months 0.01% 0.50%
4 months 0.01% 0.55%
5 months 0.01% 0.60%
6 months 0.01% 0.65%
7 months 0.01% 0.65%
8 months 0.01% 0.70%
9 months 0.01% 0.80%
10 months 0.01% 0.85%
11 months 0.01% 0.85%
1 year 0.01% 0.95%
1.5 years 0.01% 1.00%

Annual interest rate of TIME DEPOSIT more than 1.5 years and in other currencies

More than 1.5 years:*

Other currencies:*


Please Call Danske Bank info line at
6 800 800 
(Mon-Fr 8:30-17:30)

• Minimum amount – EUR 5 000 (or its equivalent)
• Minimum term - 1 month

* Deposit agreements can be concluded in the office, via Danske Telephone Bank or relationship managers.


Additional information

Growth deposit:

  • There is no demand of minimum amount.
  • Calculation of interest shall be based on the average monthly balance.
  • Calculation of additional interest shall be based on the minimum balance of the period.
  • It is possible to deposit euros.

Time deposit:

  • The minimum amount that can be deposited in the office and via Danske Telephone Bank is EUR 300 or its equivalent in EUR, USD. The minimum amount that can be deposited via Danske Internet Bank is EUR 65 or its equivalent in USD. The minimum amount that can be deposited in a currency other than USD is the equivalent of EUR 5 000 in the respective currency, whereas deposit agreements can be concluded only in the office, via Danske Telephone Bank and relationship managers.
  • The interest rates above are valid for deposits up to EUR 30 000.
  • In case of deposits with term of 1 day, interest rates are valid for amounts over EUR 65 000.
  • Amounts below EUR 6 500 or its equivalent in another currency quoted by the Bank cannot be deposited for less than one month.
  • In the case of another term, another currency or if the amount exceeds EUR 30 000, the deposit rate will be established by mutual agreement. For more detailed information about special deposit rates please contact your relationship manager or call Danske Bank info line at 6 800 800 (Mon-Fr 8:30-17:30). If the Customer is offered a special deposit rate, the deposit agreement can be concluded in the office, Danske Telephone Bank and relationship managers.
  • Interest calculation will be based on a 360-day year and the actual number of transaction days.

Current and historical overnight deposit rates are available here