Business customers Feedback on service

Feedback on service

Good service has always been valued at Danske Bank. The customer surveys and service studies carried out by research firms TNS Emor and Dive Eesti OÜ indicate that we belong amongst the companies with the highest service level.

We want to maintain our high service level and make it even better with the help of our clients. Getting feedback from every customer is very important for Danske Bank. The only way to improve service quality is to do it together!

We are looking forward to your opinion of our service: 

Your praise will be communicated to the person you praised and their line manager.

Your proposal or complaint is being processed by quality managers of Danske Bank. We will reply to you as soon as possible, not later than within ten working days through your contact details.

If you have a query, suggestion or complaint about your contracts, settlements or other personal data, then please send your message in one of the following channels:

  • as a letter via Danske Internet Bank
  • at your nearest Danske branch (find the location of the nearest branch here)
  • call Danske Telephone Bank on 6 800 800
  • send a digitally signed e-mail to info at danskebank dot ee

If the final solution offered by the bank does not satisfy you, you can contact the Consumer Protection Board (, Financial Supervision Authority ( or another law enforcement authority for advice and explanations.