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In the case of initiation of payments, the efficiency of preparing the payments and sending them to the bank, the existence and accuracy of the necessary payment details and the choice of the correct payment type are equally important for a company.

In order to achieve increased efficiency for processes related to daily and routine payments, use the potential of the Danske Internet Bank to import payment files directly from the accounting program of the company. Additionally you may configure an electronic service between the information systems of the company and the bank where the data exchange between the server of the client and the bank server is completely automatic.

Payments can be initiated with a future date via electronic channels and also when the required funds are not on the bank account of the company at the moment of initiation of payment. The bank will accept the payment and examine the receipts of the company with an interval of at least one hour on the payment date. Upon sufficient receipts, the payment will be executed. The existence of the funds required to execute the payment will be examined until 21:00. Online information regarding execution and/or rejection of payments can be observed in the Danske Internet Bank.

If necessary, you can also order a report of cancelled payments from the bank via e-mail in case any of the payments forwarded to the bank are not executed due to lack of funds or incorrect payment details or refunded to the bank account of the company by the beneficiary (beneficiary’s bank).

Payments are generally executed automatically in banks. It is therefore crucial that the payment details submitted to the bank – the account number or IBAN of the beneficiary, name of the beneficiary, reference number (for Estonian payments) and the BIC of beneficiary’s bank (for international payments) – be correct. Timely execution of payments is ensured only in case of correct payment details. If you are using the Danske Internet Bank to execute payments, the accuracy of the said details is checked immediately to eliminate the possibility of submitting incorrect payments to the bank.