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Cash Management Optimisation

Take a moment to consider the following: does any of this apply to your company?

• large fluctuations in daily account balance
• invoices, bank statements, etc., on paper
• large amount of receipts with insufficient payment details
• exceeding due dates
• large volume of receivables
• numerous debtors
• awkwardness or deficiency of a system for handling receivables
• manual entry and processing of payments

These are exactly the issues handled by the cash management optimisation (CMO) process. In cooperation with an experienced specialist of Danske Bank, you can identify the possible disadvantages, improve the internal work organisation and change the current habits. Proposals based on a structured analysis help optimise processes in your company in the fields of sales, purchase, cash flow and personnel.

CMO creates value for the company as it frees up resources and reduces expenses:

  • daily optimised payment services and a rational administration free up additional financial resources;
  • elaborated control mechanisms for receivables reduce the company’s need for loans and interest charges.

If you wish to be advised about using daily payment services more conveniently, including a largely automated service that is related to accounting software to a large extent by experienced specialists, make an appointment here.

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