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International Corporate Banking (ICB)

In all of the 12 countries in which the Danske Bank Group carries on corporate banking activities – from Russia in the east to the Republic of Ireland in the west – the Group now offers one point of entry to meet the growing demand from international companies and their subsidiaries for efficient and flexible services.
With the International Corporate Banking (ICB) concept, the Danske Bank Group offers one point of entry in each of the 12 countries, supporting our presence in the area, our concept of one shared IT platform and our efficient cross-border solutions. ICB units will provide services to subsidiaries of international companies. This will take place in close cooperation with the parent company, thus ensuring coherent solutions for all the individual subsidiaries.

International companies will benefit from the services because the ICB units

  • help companies optimise their financial infrastructure
  • are companies’ access to new markets
  • help companies make their bank setup as simple and efficient as possible and ensure professional coordination across company units
  • employ staff capable of offering subsidiaries professional service to help them meet their special requirements
  • have staff with extensive knowledge of local financial infrastructures and cash management solutions in the individual countries.
Contact your local adviser if you want to know more about International Corporate Banking and the opportunities available to your company.


The Danske Bank Group conducts banking business in the following 12 countries:

the UK
the Republic of Ireland

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