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When the card is lost

A bank card is your secure wallet and the PIN is your electronic signature.

  • The PIN is issued to you in a separate sealed envelope. Memorise the PIN and destroy the envelope.
  • A new PIN is issued for every card, including replacements and extensions. You can change the PIN to any combination suitable for you at a Danske Bank ATM in Estonia.
  • Never give the PIN of your card to another person and do not write it down anywhere.
  • Never leave your card unattended.
  • Cover the keypad w ith your hand when you enter your PIN in a card terminal or ATM.
  • When you use your card for payment, don’t allow the person who serves you take the card out of your sight.
  • Make sure the website is secure for saving card details when you make a payment online.
  • Check your card statement regularly. Immediately call the bank’s Client Helpline on 6 800 800 when you find a suspicious transaction or when you suspect that your card details may have become known to another person.

When You discover that Your bank card is lost or stolen, inform us immediately at the nearest Danske Bank outlet in Estonia or call Danske Bank  info line on +372 6 800 800.

When You have informed the bank, we can immediately block the use of card. If necessary, we can issue a new card.