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Growth deposit

Great opportunity for depositing available funds

A growth deposit is a flexible and risk-free opportunity for depositing smaller and larger amounts. Upon request, additional payments can be made at any time and in any volume and the money can be used fast, if necessary.

Important information:

  • The deposit amount: You can make contributions to the Growth deposit account at times and in amounts suitable for you, also from your current accounts in other banks. It is not obligatory to make a down payment.
  • The currency of the deposit: Only euros can be deposited in the Growth deposit account.
  • Regular deposit interest: Interest is calculated on the monthly average balance and it will be transferred to your Growth deposit account once a month.
  • Additional deposit interest: Since 1 July 2016, the additional interest rate both of 3 and 6 months is 0% a year. See also.
  • Payments from the Growth deposit account: in order to use the funds collected in the Growth deposit account, submit a payout order to the bank. After 10 banking days the deposited amount will be transferred to your desired account. If you need money fast, for a small service fee (the fee for the premature withdrawal of the deposit amount does not apply if the available account balance of the Growth deposit is at least 4,000 euros) you can get your hands on funds in the time it would take to make a payment from your current account.