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Danske LiveGate

Danske LiveGate is an electronic data exchange channel that meets SEPA standards enabling you to perform banking transactions within the business software used by your company.

Advantages of Danske LiveGate

Quick and easy

  • You can perform all payments and banking transactions using your everyday working environment – the business management software used by your company.
  • No time restrictions on data exchange with the bank – you can send and receive information whenever desired.
  • The bank files with your payment orders are processed as soon as they arrive in the bank.
  • Receipt information is reflected in your company’s business software.

Flexible and powerful

  • You can also confirm payments though the Internet bank.
  • Enables transmission of large volumes of data.


  • Helps you manage risks.
  • Digital signing used for all data exchange operations.
  • No need to manually process bank files with payment orders, save and then upload them over again.
  • Possibility to use the Internet Bank as a back-up channel, if required.

Further information about Danske LiveGate

  • E-mail ariklient at danskebank dot ee
  • Call the Danske Business Center on 675 2000
  • Contact your wealth manager